76:Dr. Ebonie Rio &The Latest on Lower Extremity Tendinopathy

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Dr. Ebonie Rio &The Latest on Lower Extremity Tendinopathy

Dr. Rio is a world renowned expert on tendinopathy. She is a physiotherapist and researcher at LaTrobe University in Australia. Today, Dr. Rio graciously takes time our of her busy schedule to discuss with us on the Ortho Eval Pal Podcast the following:

  1. The physiologic difference between tendinitis and tendinopathy.
  2. The importance of achieving the correct diagnosis.
  3. What tendon neuroplastic training is.
  4. Concepts for treating tendinopathy.
  5. Recent and ongoing research.
  6. The importance of “Load” vs. passive modality treatment.
  7. Experience vs. evidence and how they each have their place and much more!!

Have a question for Dr. Rio? You can connect with her here: e.rio@latrobe.edu.au

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