Episode 014 – Frozen Shoulder (Part 2) – “Stages and How to treat it!”

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In this episode of Frozen Shoulder (Part 2) – “Stages and How to Treat it!” I talk about time frames and common presentations during these time frames. I discuss from experience what has worked and hasn’t worked regarding the treatment of frozen shoulders. I mention everything from non-surgical to surgical interventions and when each are indicated. Be sure to download the show notes and tell all of your fellow healthcare providers to jump in on the Ortho Eval Pal community. Let’s also have some fun with 2 Mystery Shoulder Injuries. I want to see who can nail these diagnoses. Here are some links for you:
Ortho Eval Pal sign up page for questions and to submit your answers:http://orthoevalpal.com/contact/
Mystery Shoulder injury video #1:https://youtu.be/LhDnPc_By5k
Mystery Shoulder injury video #2:https://youtu.be/c3naFHQOv4A
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Epi 014-The Frozen Shoulder-Stages and Treatment Options!

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