Episode 003-Patello-Femoral Dysfunction

Todays episode will focus on identifying patella-femoral dysfunction. I’ll talk about some of the most common findings and discuss how I like to manage these. Patello-femoral dysfunction can be very frustrating and difficulty to treat but like a car being out of alignment, straightening out a few things can be helpful. I will talk about some key observations that you can make before you even touch the patient. Make sure to listen till the end and pick up the link for the FREE PDF outline of this show. In the PDF you will be able to click on links to videos of how to perform certain special tests that will help you identify PFD. Check it out and leave a comment if you’d like at www.orthoevalpal.com and we’d love it if you would leave a review and rate us on iTunes. Enjoy!

FREEBIE Epi 003-The “Dreaded” Patello-Femoral Dysfunction!!


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