Episode 009 – Knee Arthritis

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In this episode, I will chat about Knee Arthritis. I will review common signs and symptoms and talk about how to manage them. Not all knee arthritis patients need to have a knee replacement. I’ll talk about my take on knee arthritis. Please feel free to add what works for you. These patients can be pretty miserable, so let’s talk about how to help them! Be sure to listen to the whole episode to receive the link to a FREE PDF outline to this show. I have just uploaded a new video and you will have to put your thinking cap on for this one. Let’s see who gets this one right. Once you’ve watched the video https://youtu.be/s0k5xLOZQrY go to: http://orthoevalpal.com/contact/ leave me your email, give me your diagnosis and I will let you know if you are right or not. Feel free to leave a comment if you’d like at www.orthoevalpal.com and we’d love it if you would leave a review and rate us on iTunes. Enjoy!

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