Episode 36-The Marquis Maneuver cervical spine special test

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The Marquis Maneuver-A new special test for the cervical spine.

-Have you wanted to be more specific with identifying the level of nerve root compression in the c-spine?

-Do you ever have trouble determining the difference between a rotator cuff tear and cervical nerve root compression?

-Would you like to be able to predict how well a patient will do after cervical disc surgery?

In today’s episode I talk to you about a new test I developed which I use on a weekly basis.  Not only does this test help me to differentiate between a NRC and cuff injury, but I’ve found that it can be a good predictor of how well the patient will do post-op neck surgery for a nerve root compression/herniated disc.

Here is the Marquis Maneuver being used on a patient with a severe cervical herniated disc

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