Episode 61- Thoracic Kyphosis Causes and Treatment

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Today inĀ Episode 61- Thoracic Kyphosis Causes and Treatment I talk about the following:

  1. Contributors to thoracic kyphosis.
  2. Injuries that are secondary to thoracic kyphosis.
  3. How kyphosis contributes to shoulder impingement.
  4. How kyphosis affects your breathing.
  5. How kyphosis causes cervical spine pain
  6. How to slow down the progression of thoracic kyphosis.
  7. Exercises that I like to use when treating kyphosis related issues

Here is a video I made for you to show my favorite "Kyphosis Reduction Exercises":

Here is an even more important video that explains active and passive insufficiency- and the "Why" behind kyphosis reduction exercises and behind most all exercises: Click HERE





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