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Episode 32-Orthotics for healthcare providers!

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  In Episode 32 I talk about what healthcare providers need to know about orthotics! When to request them, who is the right candidate for orthotics, different diagnoses treated with orthotics and much more! There are many different types of orthotics to go on many different foot types. I’ll help you sort through this so…

Episode 28-Posterior Heel Pain! Causes, Diagnoses and Treatment Tips.

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Today in Episode 28 we talk about “Posterior Heel Pain”. There are a handful of problems that can cause this. I’ll talk about common causes and related diagnoses. Of course we will discuss treatment tips to help you succeed in managing these problems. Don’t be afraid to ask questions… That is the best way to…

Episode 27-Your Gait on Different Surfaces

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  In this episode I talk about the impact of different surfaces on your gait. Identifying the surface a patient exercises on can help make the diagnosis process easier. I’ll talk about how the treadmill impacts LE function. Walking on a cambored road can affect foot and ankle function. Using an oval track can impact…