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Episode 40-Unilateral Pes Planus-What is it and what can it cause?

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  ¬†¬† Today I talk about¬†Unilateral Pes Planus, causes of pes planus and what walking on a pes planus foot can present like. I will bring up how callus patterns and hallux valgus are signs of a pes planus foot and the incidence of plantar fasciitis on the side of a long leg. Finally, I…

Episode 32-Orthotics for healthcare providers!

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  In Episode 32 I talk about what healthcare providers need to know about orthotics! When to request them, who is the right candidate for orthotics, different diagnoses treated with orthotics and much more! There are many different types of orthotics to go on many different foot types. I’ll help you sort through this so…