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T1 Nerve Root Compression Evaluation

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    Episode 69-T1 Nerve Root Compression: Signs and Symptoms Let’s talk pain patterns, look-a-like’s, sensation loss, deep tendon reflexes, weakness and much more! Here is a video of a patient with a T1 nerve root compression: T1 VIDEO Video of C8 evaluation: T1 EVAL video Marquis Maneuver Video: MANEUVER VIDEO UE Deep Tendon¬† reflexes:…

Episode 42-Chronic Neck Pain-A very real and very treatable problem!

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  ]   In today’s episode,¬†Chronic Neck Pain-A very real and very treatable problem I talk about the following: Causes of chronic neck pain. Physiology behind chronic neck pain. The rationale behind an active vs. passive approach. Keys to recovery. Review of my favorite exercises for chronic neck pain. Be sure to follow us on…