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Episode 35- Cervical Spine vs Shoulder Pain: How to “tease” them out!

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  Is it a cervical spine disc herniation or a rotator cuff tear?? I hear this all the time. This is not always so easy to sort out. Shoulder specialists and neurosurgeons have even told me that they on occasion have had difficulty teasing these out. Don’t let this topic scare you!! I will give…

Episode 34-Hoffman’s Sign, Hyperefflexia, Babinski sign and Clonus

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      In today’s podcast I explain how identifying an upper motor neuron lesion can be very important when evaluating your orthopedic patients. I will talk about the following: Hoffman’s Sign Hyperefflexia Babinski sign/reflex Clonus. I will explain how to perform them, why they are important, what you should evaluate next, what the test means…