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Episode 64-C5 Nerve Root Compression: Signs,symptoms and management

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Subscribe to be the first to know when new episodes are released! Listen to this episode (0:10:34) Episode 64-C5 Nerve Root Compression:Signs,symptoms and management Lots of interesting things happen with C5 nerve root compressions: Radiating pain to the shoulder. Shoulder weakness. Biceps weakness Supination weakness Scapular pain All the above can divert your attention and…

Episode 35- Cervical Spine vs Shoulder Pain: How to “tease” them out!

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    Is it a cervical spine disc herniation or a rotator cuff tear?? I hear this all the time. This is not always so easy to sort out. Shoulder specialists and neurosurgeons have even told me that they on occasion have had difficulty teasing these out. Don’t let this topic scare you!! I will…

Episode 33-Cervical Spine Basics

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    Today I will be getting back to the basics regarding the cervical spine. I will talk about the following: The central spinal foramen Facet orientation Cervical discs Nerve roots and the foramen surrounding them The vertebral artery The structures that are compressed and/or opened with certain motions. This podcast will be the beginning…