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Episode 35- Cervical Spine vs Shoulder Pain: How to “tease” them out!

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  ¬† Is it a cervical spine disc herniation or a rotator cuff tear?? I hear this all the time. This is not always so easy to sort out. Shoulder specialists and neurosurgeons have even told me that they on occasion have had difficulty teasing these out. Don’t let this topic scare you!! I will…

Episode 019-The 3 Day Post-op Shoulder Program

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In todaly’s episode I will talk to you about a SIMPLE program that I developed that has been¬† tremendously helpful to patients soon after shoulder surgery. Episode 019-The 3 Day Post-op Shoulder Program will take you through the importance of seeing your patient soon after surgery. This will build patient confidence, decrease pain and increase…

Episode 017-6 Most Common Causes of Shoulder External Rotation Weakness

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In Episode 017 the 6 most common causes of shoulder external rotation weakness I will help you look at external rotation weakness a little differently. I’m going to ask you to look outside the box with this one and by doing so, you may pick up on unusual diagnoses that get missed on occasion. Make…