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Episode 85- 3 Most Common Signs of Hip Arthritis

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Episode 85- 3 Most Common Signs of Hip Arthritis Don’t miss these 3 Most common signs of hip arthritis: Hip arthritis can cause groin pain. Difficulty reaching your feet to put socks and shoes on. Loss of hip flexion and internal rotation. Here is a CLASSIC sign of hip arthritis: Video Click HERE to see this…

6 Sources of Lateral Hip Pain-OEP Episode 57

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  Let’s talk about the 6 Sources of Lateral Hip Pain! Greater trochanteric bursitis Gluteus medius and minimus tendon tears Iliac apophysitis L5 nerve root compression IT band TFL syndrome Acetabular labral tear Not only will I talk about the 6 sources of lateral hip pain but discuss some helpful treatment tips. Be sure to…