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Episode 61- Thoracic Kyphosis Causes and Treatment

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Subscribe to be the first to know when new episodes are released!   Listen to this episode (0:13:26) Today in¬†Episode 61- Thoracic Kyphosis Causes and Treatment I talk about the following: Contributors to thoracic kyphosis. Injuries that are secondary to thoracic kyphosis. How kyphosis contributes to shoulder impingement. How kyphosis affects your breathing. How kyphosis…

Episode 25-Lenny Macrina MSPT, SCS, CSCS talks PT with Paul on the OEP Podcast

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Don’t miss this episode 25! I chat with the very well respected Lenny Macrina¬†MSPT, SCS, CSCS about shoulder injuries, the “ins and outs” of a cash based practice and much more! Lenny is the co-founder and director of Physical Therapy at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance. Take advantage of the insightful knowledge that Lenny shares…