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Episode 25-Lenny Macrina MSPT, SCS, CSCS talks PT with Paul on the OEP Podcast

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Don’t miss this episode 25! I chat with the very well respected Lenny Macrina¬†MSPT, SCS, CSCS about shoulder injuries, the “ins and outs” of a cash based practice and much more! Lenny is the co-founder and director of Physical Therapy at Champion Physical Therapy and Performance. Take advantage of the insightful knowledge that Lenny shares…

Episode 24-Shoulder Instability with Special Guest Dr. Stephen Thompson

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This is a must listen to episode!¬† If you are a PT, OT, PA, NP, Family Physician and/or Athletic Trainer! I chat with Orthopedic and Sports Specialist Dr. Stephen Thompson about Shoulder instability. We talk about special tests, “Red Flags”, when to refer to ortho and when and how to manage conservatively. Also get a…