Paul MarquisOrtho Eval Pal is a company made to help “you” the medical provider feel more comfortable and confident when evaluating patients with common orthopedic injuries. We are going to get back to the basics, and streamline the learning process for you.  There will be no shortage of content filled with knowledge, experience and evidence.  Our goal is to give you as much information as possible through podcasts, webinars and online courses.  We will answer your questions, interview professionals exposed to orthopedics in one way or another and offer you an array of learning experiences.  Don’t be surprised to see videos of real patients with real problems.  I hope you will join me on this amazing journey!

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"Quality can be defined as, “meeting or exceeding customer expectations.”  Paul Marquis’ programs consistently receive excellent scores as quality presentations.  I believe that the keys to the success of his programs are:

♦ An in depth knowledge of anatomy

♦ The ability to relate pathology to the mechanism of injury or disease process

♦ The ability to explain complex problems in an easily understood manner

♦ A practical but thorough approach to evaluation and treatment

Most importantly, the success of the programs lies in Mr. Marquis’ passion for caring for patients which is the take home message for every participant.  Whether you are a family physician, physician assistant, nurse practitioner, internist or specialist, I would highly recommend attending a program from Maine Orthopedic Seminars."

Dr. Larry Crystal, DPM, Podiatrist
Presque Isle, Maine

Paul Marquis is a master of the physical exam in the musculoskeletal system. As a provider who advocates for his patients in the most admirable way, when there are questions about physical exam findings and imaging findings, Paul works to understand any discrepancy to ensure his patients receive the best care. Perhaps most admirable is his ability to teach others so that his skillset benefits more people than he could possibly see alone. I will continue to refer friends and family to Paul and his team for diagnostic and therapeutic considerations. He is a consummate professional, an admirable clinician and bar none, the most proficient physical examiner I’ve ever worked with. He is a physical therapist par excellence.

Alan Mautz, MD

MSK-fellowship trained radiologist

Presque Isle,Maine

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Ortho Eval Pal is a company made to help “you” the medical provider feel more comfortable and confident when evaluating patients with common orthopedic injuries. We are going to get back to the basics, and streamline the learning process for you.

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Paul Marquis

Paul graduated from the University of New England with a Bachelors of Science in Physical Therapy in 1992. He has been employed by County Physical Therapy LLC for over 24 years as a staff Physical Therapist and in 2006 was promoted to Vice President of Clinical Operations. He has been a clinical instructor for 20 years and has affiliated with the University of New England, Kennebec Valley Community College, Husson University, Marquette University and Northeastern University.

Paul has attended multiple continuing education courses including the evaluation and management of the hand, elbow and shoulder complex, neck, thoracic and lumbar spine pain, hip, sacroiliac joint, knee, foot and ankle, and complex regional pain syndrome. In 2005 he spearheaded a sports and orthopedic symposium for physicians and other health care providers which lead to annual orthopedic symposiums since then.

From 2002-2007 Paul was an adjunct professor at the University of Maine at Presque Isle teaching “Therapeutic Modality Application for the Athletic Trainer”. In the last couple of years Paul became interested in research related to the cervical spine and has been able to work collaboratively with Husson University to gather and analyze data related to this subject. Paul has a special interest in managing foot and ankle dysfunction and works closely with Maine Orthotics and Prosthetics to fit patients with custom orthotics and lower extremity bracing.

In 2011, Paul started Maine Orthopedic Seminars in order to help increase access to orthopedic continuing education for physicians, physician’s assistants, family nurse practitioners, physical therapists and assistants, occupational therapists and assistants and athletic trainers in and around the state of Maine.

Continuing education to medical and non-medical people has always been a passion of Paul’s. “It is always important to be well informed about your injury or the injury your patient presents with in order to best offer advice and make an informed decision on how to manage it”. “Proper treatment will only occur after an accurate diagnosis. One cannot work well without the other”.